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Hello everyone I am so happy to have some amazing people helping me with this site and I am happy they said yes and they are helping and I may seem like a loser, but I hope you like it here
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Your Character Here Raffle! by TheMacro-Johannes Your Character Here Raffle! :iconthemacro-johannes:TheMacro-Johannes 191 53
A New Start
Starting at a new high school at the beginning of junior year was difficult for any teenage girl.
Especially if that school was newly integrated.
Nora shook awake at the vicious sound of a car alarm, no wait- that was just her exceedingly obnoxious alarm clock. Groaning in reluctance, she forced her sparkling green eyes to open and slam the snooze button on her alarm clock. She let out a sigh of relief, she could spare another few minutes to rest her eyes.
A few seconds later, her door swung open and her Mom (who was an exceedingly peppy morning person) ran over and excitedly shook her daughter awake. “Eleanor! It’s time for your first day of school.” She squealed eagerly.
Her daughter let out an audible groan, “Mom, one it’s Nora. Two, it’s only six I have another thirty minutes before I actually have to get up. And three, you are way too freaking loud in the morning.” She shoved her face back into her pillow and immediately began to snore.
:iconlosttothestars:losttothestars 54 18
Half Way There Part 1 G/T
“-We don’t tolerate free riders on this ship!” –shouted the captain angrily at Fern and grabbed her arm quickly so she couldn’t run away. Granted, there weren’t many places to go on the ship wildly drifting in the middle of the huge river. The waves wildly thrashed on the side of the wood body.
“-Please!”-she started. “-Don’t throw me to the dungeon! I swear I’ll pay when we get to Roumen!”
The journey from the desert to the middle lands was extremely dangerous. The only relatively safe way was by sailing down on the Dune River. Its water was very unpredictable. It took a very experienced captain to lead a crew through the waves, there weren’t many like that, but Casey was one of them and he asked the price for his expertise. He risked his life every time he made this journey, the ship could be pulled down by monsters, catfish, pikes, they could be attacked from above by birds of prey or the worst possible sc
:iconninbikun:Ninbikun 27 12
Shower Scoping!~ w/Shinsei and Tora by GigaTora Shower Scoping!~ w/Shinsei and Tora :icongigatora:GigaTora 227 108
Not well v2
     Early one Sunday morning in felarya a young neera was exploring along the river bank south west of Safe Harbor and west of his hidden village. He did this often, and was named Curio for his natural curiosity. Being named for one's most dominant trait was a tradition from his father's village.
     All it took was a colorful flower, a strange insect, or shiny stone and he would be off to investigate without the slightest of second thoughts. There was always something to keep the little albino occupied. Though, perhaps little isn't quite right. Five inches is quite a bit taller than average for his kind; almost double in fact, but was also rather thin. Tall, lanky, and pale; he might not win any beauty contests but most people find his round face, large ears, and child like inquisitiveness rather cute none the less.
     When Curio was younger he would have been out with his uncle Max. Max was a naga and not really his uncle, ob
:iconfg094:fg094 3 6
A life in ashes 2
   Xyla tossed and turned all night after spending the entire afternoon pacing. She was in big trouble. Not only had she been caught but had introduced herself as well. Her life was basically over. Two years of playing it safe all for nothing. What should she do? Yana would know, she always seemed to know what's best. If only she could contact her some way. She visited occasionally, so she must not have too far away, but Xyla hadn't ever left her big's apartment. If only- *tap* *tap* *tap*- no way. Xyla jumped out of bed and rushed to the hidden door. She pushed it open with a firm shove and was immediately greeted ay an energetic bear hug, "hey love, Susan is home all week, so I Just thought I would stop by for a visit.” Susan was Yana’s big.
   “wha-I... wow,” Xyla returned the hug, “I’m so glad you came, I need your help”
   Xyla invited her friend inside and sat down around a little table and cha
:iconfg094:fg094 0 0
A life in Ashes
   Xyla smiled as she climbed up the drawers to the counter. Almost there and one of those big, juicy fuzzy-apple-things would be hers! She had been eyeing them the last three days and now the big was finally gone! "Left hand, right foot, right hand, left foot, just keep going, almost there!" She mentally sang to herself as she scaled the carved design on the cupboard. Ohh, it was almost in reach, just climb over the edge and *click*. Xyla froze. She slowly looked over her right shoulder and at the turning lock on the main door, uh-oh.
  Xyla panicked Why was he home so early? gah, no time for that, up or down? She decided up and hauled herself up onto the counter and sprinted around behind the fruit bowl just as the door started to open. She heard the big step inside and close the door behind him before taking off his boots. What was he doing home? The little thought back to her teacher’s words, “no matter how long you may watch them, no matter how
:iconfg094:fg094 2 0
The adventures of Leo and Louis in Life and Love#1
I run at the spider or as the giants call them before they kill them. I pull the sword out from the side of my shirt and I grab my shield, which for some reason has a red top that says coke. I jump up into the air and twist my body around and slam my legs down on top of one of the spider’s legs. The spider make a blood curdling sound as I slam my sword into its leg. I jump back and pull out my shield and use to stop the spider from hitting me as I run over for my sword I grab it and jump back. I start to run at it at top speed making sure the spider is only hitting the shield when it swings at me, but just then it jumps up and is now on the ceiling, I look up and it hits me. I slide back on my back I rub the blood from the cut I just got from being flung across the floor. I start to run for it and I jump up at the right time and stab my sword into the spider's head. I gasp as the spider starts to fall; I pull my sword out of it’s head and I land on my feet. I look around th
:iconkyroslover:kyroslover 3 16
Human Accessory Ch 2
   I covered my face into my bare arms. I can’t bare to look up to my massive captor in shame. Her face was a beaming smile.I begin to sob. This can’t be what my life amounts to could it? Nothing but a fashion accessory to glamorize the rich and powerful. Tears start to fall down my cheeks and onto my arms.I begin rocking myself back and forth in my little glass sphere. This must be a dream, this must be a dream. No, this must be a nightmare. I close my eyes tightly shut, when I open them I will be awake in my bed. I count to three and open my eyes.
   To my distress Elizabeth my giant captor was still there. On the bright side her beaming smile has been replace with a look of slight concern. She looks down at me. “Are you ok” she asks.I am a little vexed at this question. Do I look ok? I was kidnapped off the streets, shrunk down, and given to a rich brat as a vanity item. Of course I am not ok.
   “ I can’t have my new
:iconintershrinker:intershrinker 11 12
Human Accessory(Chapter 1)
   I was running late for a very busy day at work.  I missed my alarm for the morning, rushed out of bed, rushed through a shower, barely made myself presentable for my meetings, and now skipping breakfast and running down the street to the office. It was in short a bad day. Molly Allen, big boss of the office rising through the ranks everyday, I said to myself to raise my confidence, but no one told me how much work it would be.
   By now I work in the upper divisions of “The Company”. No one, that I know at least, is really sure about the true nature of The Company, I am not even sure of it's actual name myself let alone what it makes. All I know is that I am managing people to do something, and that something is important enough to pay well. And the pay is what is important, at least to people like me.
   When I said I work for the upper divisions of The Company, I meant it. The city is built layered now that there is no more room to ex
:iconintershrinker:intershrinker 20 16
Prologue - Ro
Prologue – Ro
It was sunset. Another boring day in my boring life was over. I wouldn’t have minded it so much if something would have happen, anything! But no, every day was the same. Wake up, eat something, hunt (hope I could actually find game without trespassing too badly),  go “home,” eat something, sleep. Sounds fun right? And I’d been doing it since I was ten. Every. Single. Day. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t always hunt. Some days I fished, or set traps, or just scrounged around for plants that aren’t poison. In other words, I spent a lot of time in the woods.
I slipped my bow over my head before climbing down from my hide. Suddenly remembering the snares I set near the briar patch yesterday, I grinned. Maybe if I was lucky, I would have rabbit for supper! I started sprinting. In the waning light, I found my traps. All but two of them had been pilfered. I groaned and picked up the last two. At least I had gotten two dece
:iconnetsirkwriter:NetsirkWriter 23 10
SSJ Gohan + Mirai Trunks fluff by jenova-phobia SSJ Gohan + Mirai Trunks fluff :iconjenova-phobia:jenova-phobia 15 5 APH : Nutcracker by 10721 APH : Nutcracker :icon10721:10721 4,802 186 Between Kiba's Teeth (With Michi) by ChiisaiKabocha17 Between Kiba's Teeth (With Michi) :iconchiisaikabocha17:ChiisaiKabocha17 30 11
Love of a Giant: Chapter Eleven
Bombrush eventually returned to his castle after he and Bloodshed had given Soundwave and Thornstriker a full tour of the two-story manor. The king had offered to give Soundwave a tour of his castle, which she brutally declined. Bloodshed somewhat admired her for her harsh tone with the king, finding her both to be brave and smart for it.
He was still angry with the older man. Ever since he had asked Thornstriker those questions, the princess had been distant and stuck close to her maid the entire time. Even during dinner, she pushed herself to be next to her maid. Not to mention that Soundwave seemed to be actively putting herself in between the princess and Bloodshed.
Great. Now they thought him to be some sort of pervert like his stupid father.
Now, he was showing them to their room. Considering the room was made for a giant, he and his father had it crafted so the two human women could live comfortably in it. He stepped over to a large door, which had a human-sized door carved into
:iconthebigloserqueen:TheBigLoserQueen 25 8
Secret Between us : Page 3 by Nafyo-Toons Secret Between us : Page 3 :iconnafyo-toons:Nafyo-Toons 149 80


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